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Research Team 1: Qualitative research

Dr Ingela Naumann (leader), Dr Helen Packwood, Ms Joanna Sakali

In-depth interviews with parents narrating their experiences of lockdown, social distancing, blended learning and a rapid changes in childcare arrangements.

The sampling frame will include recruitment of circa 48 parents from families with children up to the age of 12, in two local settings – a rural community with intensified space/time-fixity issues , and an urban community with multiple deprivation challenges. The sample will include parents from different socio-economic backgrounds, with protected characteristics, different household structures and parental occupations, including key workers.

Participants will be recruited through the NHS Research Scotland, SHARE database and interviews will be conducted online using a variety of digital platforms to suit the participants’ preferences.

Research packages

Research Team 2: Quantitative research

Dr Alan Marshall (leader), Dr Kevin Ralston, Dr Vicky Gorton 
Using surveys from across the UK, we will examine how experiences relate to context, differences in policy and how these experiences change over time in relation to family wellbeing and childcare arrangements during the pandemic.

We anticipate combining results across different datasets (representative surveys, convenience samples) to enable a more complete picture to be built. 


Research Team 3: Community research

Dr Ingela Naumann (leader), Dr Vicky Gorton, Mr Mick Doyle, Mr Paul Nelis 
Firstly, using human geography field-research techniques, we will map local childcare provision, community resources and specific challenges in the two selected settings – one rural, and one urban Scottish community.

Thereafter, with the expertise and facilitation of the Scottish Community Development Centre, we will establish two local co-production labs (spring 2021), including local stakeholders (parents, childminders, nurseries, parent councils, charities, sports clubs etc) to develop local, context-sensitive childcare solutions. The design of a collaborative policy-toolkit is the target of this team.