Child and Parental Wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic: Policy Brief

The Covid-pandemic and the public health measures aimed at containing the virus, such as lockdowns, physical distancing and self-isolating, radically changed family life and daily routines. The pandemic has had particularly dramatic effects on households with dependent children due to the closure of schools and childcare settings. In this policy brief, we briefly explore the impact of the pandemic on children’s and parents’ wellbeing, as well as their connection, by presenting parts of both our quantitative and qualitative analysis. We close with recommendations about how to build crisis-resilient services and policies that protect the wellbeing of families in Scotland.


Citation: Naumann, I.; Sakali, J., 2022. Child and Parental Wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic, Policy Brief, April 2022, Childcare and Wellbeing in Times of Covid-19 series, The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh,


Download the brief here:

Naumann Sakali_Child and Parental Wellbeing in Covid_Policy Brief_2022



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